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Looking for the best massage in Broken Arrow?  More than just a luxurious escape from a busy week, a massage from After FX Hair Salon and Spa offers a multitude of therapeutic benefits for mind and body.   Our treatments are an excellent journey toward stress relief, improved circulation, decreased muscle pain and a more restful night's sleep.  From the well-known classic Swedish massage to intensely therapeutic deep tissue therapy, our Broken Arrow massage therapists offer an extensive menu for every need and every age.  Special therapies are also available at our spa including prenatal/pregnancy, infant, and geriatric massage.

swedish massage broken arrow


This well-known technique is always a favorite. Stress and tension will melt away with this treatment as circular pressure, firm kneading of muscles, and long gliding strokes along the back help to promote circulation and decrease stress hormones.   Swedish massage can also improve flexibility and help to eliminate toxins from the body. 


sports massage


Sports and exertion of the body can result in aches, pains, stiff joints, and muscle tension.  The solution?  A therapeutic sports massage.  Perfect for athletes or for those who need targeted attention after weekly workouts at the gym.  This excellent therapy will relieve tension and help injured muscle tissue and strains to heal more quickly


deep tissue massage


Deep and intense therapy for chronic muscle soreness and pain.  As the name suggests, a deep tissue massage is focused on the deepest layers of muscle tissue and tendons.  This is a highly therapeutic massage for stiff necks, sore shoulders, and lower back tightness.


hot stone massage broken arrow OK


More than just an indulgent spa experience, our Hot Stone Massage uses heated river stones to promote relaxation, improve circulation and release stiffness and tension in muscles.  You'll enjoy a soothing feeling of warmth and peace as heat from the stones flows into tired muscles and achy joints for a healing experience.



integrated massage


This particular treatment uses a combination of different techniques such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, Release, Reflexology, Sports, and more in order to provide a multitude of therapeutic benefits.  An integrated massage service can be tailored to any special needs that you may have.


myofascial massage


Some massage techniques focus mainly on muscle tissue, but myofascial release takes it a bit further by focusing on the fascia (or connective tissue) in addition to the muscles.   Stretching and special massage techniques are used to help alleviate stiffness and pain in muscles and joints.



trigger point therapy


A trigger point is an area of tension that leads to pain in other areas of the body.  With trigger point therapy, we locate "trigger" or source of the pain, and then use cycles of pressure and release along with breathing techniques to eliminate the discomfort.


pregnancy massage


A massage during pregnancy has many benefits including reducing pain and cramps, increasing blood flow, relieving lower back pain, helping to alleviate stress and tension, and promoting better sleep at night.  


infant massage


Babies love massage!  Our infant massage therapy is designed especially for babies and will promote healthy growth and development.   Infant massage has been shown to improve sleep habits as well as strengthen the immune system.


geriatric massage


This therapy uses a very gentle and light pressure technique specifically designed for our aging guests.   Geriatric massage can help alleviate stiffness, relieve arthritis pain, improve circulation and increase flexibility.  




Fragrant oils with therapeutic benefits are part of the aromatherapy experience.  Take your massage service to a new level with the addition of aromatherapy! 



Each of the massage services at our Broken Arrow spa can be tailored to address specific health concerns, injuries or needs.  At your appointment, you can share any concerns that you may have with one of our therapists who will be happy to customize your treatment.



Research indicates that a massage, if experienced on a regular basis, can have a positive impact on a person's physical and mental well-being.   No matter what a person's age is, our treatments can profoundly improve the body's ability to function, eliminate toxins, and deal with stress.

couples massageMASSAGE CAN:

  •     Improve the functioning and general condition of the skin
  •     Improve circulation allowing the blood to more effectively deliver oxygen and nutrients to tissues and vital organs
  •     Promote healing of scar tissue and reduce stretch marks
  •     Increase flexibility of joints and improve range of motion
  •     Lessen feelings of depression and anxiety
  •     Relax and soften tired and injured muscles and exercise tight or atrophied muscles
  •     Release endorphins that work as natural painkillers
  •     Relieve pain associated with migraine headaches
  •     Help relieve lower back pain
  •     Help shorten labor time and ease labor pain for expectant mothers
  •     Enhance immunity by stimulating lymph glands
  •     Reduce muscle cramps and spasms.
  •     Help alleviate premenstrual symptoms such as water retention and cramping.
  •     Help lower blood pressure and stress hormones
  •     Improve sleep quality.
  •     Reduce fatigue and increase energy levels 
  •     Improve the ability to focus and concentrate

Begin the journey to a more relaxed, healthy and stress-free lifestyle.  Make an appointment at After FX Hair Salon & Spa for the best massage in Broken Arrow OK.



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